TT-Line Nils Holgersson

Welcome on board of our Green Ship Nils Holgersson. Start your vacation as comfortable as possible.

TT Line Nils Holgersson

Welcome on board of our Green Ship Nils Holgersson

Our TT-Line Green Ship Nils Holgersson offers 239 modern and comfortable cabins in various categories for around 800 passengers. On more than 3500 square meters of public areas such as the restaurant, the family lounge, the coffee lounge, the bar and the nearly 1200 square meter outside deck, the crossing with our Green Ship is a real experience.

Our ship was named after the popular main character from the children's story "Nils Holgersson's wonderful journey through Sweden". It was first published in 1906 by the Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf. In it, the story is about the boy Nils from Skåne in southern Sweden, who is lazy and mischievous. For this reason, he is turned into a Thumbelina and flies across Sweden on the back of a goose. After many travel adventures, he returns and is turned back into an ordinary boy because of his bravery and courage.

"Once there was a boy. He was, let us say, something like fourteen years old; long and loose jointed and towheaded. He wasn't good for much, that boy. His chief delight was to eat and sleep, and after that he liked best to make mischief."

Selma Lagerlöf , Nils Holgersson


Technical Specifications

Our Green Ship Nils Holgersson VII will enter service in 2022. With a length of 230 metres, our Nils Holgersson is the longest ship in the TT-Line fleet. The order for the newbuilding was placed with the Chinese shipyard Nanjing Jinling. This forward-looking ferry offers a comfortable ferry experience, which, together with many investments in environmentally friendly technologies, enables the greatest possible sustainable travel and travel experience.



Deck 1 Loading Deck

Deck 3

Loading Deck

Deck 5

Loading Deck

Deck 7

Loading Deck

Deck 9

Cabins, Sauna

Deck 10

Cabins, Restaurant, Bar, Driver's Restaurant

Deck 11

Restaurant, Sun Deck, Shop, Sports Bar, Family Lounge, Kids Area, Coffee Lounge, Trucker Lounge, Conference rooms, Pet Lounge

Deck 12

Panorama Deck

Deck capacity

4.000 Lane Meter, 300 Trailer

Lane width

3.10 m

Clear height cargo bay

4.70 m

Max. free with bow ramp:

6.00 m

Max. truck axle load

17,5 tons

Electrical connections

150 reefer-plugs







Year of Construction


Gross tonnage

56.138 BRZ

Overall length

230.0 m


31.0 m


6.7 m

Deadweight capacity

10.921 dwt


22 knots


diesel-mechanical, 14.700 kW per side

Bow thrusters

3x2.500 kw



Electromobility on board

Up to 32 charging stations are available on board of our Nils Holgersson. We want to offer our customers a sustainable travel experience - charge comfortably your electric vehicle during the crossing for your further journey.

Electromobility on board Read more
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