COVID-19 Travel Advice

The safety of our customers has our full attention and is always our top priority.

COVID-19 Travel Advice

Since October 1, 2020, comprehensively differentiated travel and security advisories and travel warnings for individual countries are in effect. They replace the general travel warnings.

As the global situation regarding the coronavirus is very dynamic, different policies and entry rules apply depending on your country of residence and the country of destination. That is why we have created detailed information pages about the entry requirements and the current situation in the respective countries.

Returning from Sweden, Poland and Lithuania is possible without any problems. Please note, however, that proof of full vaccination, recovery, or a negative rapid test or PCR test must be present upon entry.

As the infection situation in a country can change very quickly, we kindly ask you to keep yourself informed independently before your trip or before returning to your place of residence.

TT-Line crossings

The ferries from TT-Line operate normally despite the coronavirus outbreak!

All our ferries sail according to our sailing timetables.

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