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Sustainability at TT-Line

TT-Line invests in a sustainable future!


We create value

With up to 18 departures a day, TT-Line connects the largest German Baltic Sea ports Travemünde and Rostock as well as the Polish Świnoujście and the Lithuanian Klaipėda with the southern Swedish transport hub Trelleborg, the most important ferry port in Sweden. The annual transport capacity is around 900,000 passengers, 200,000 cars and around 500,000 freight units. TT-Line is the market leader in southern Sweden traffic and continues to steer with full speed ahead. With the construction of the Green Ships, the most environmentally friendly ferrys in the company's history, TT-Line is investing in a sustainable future.

About TT-Line


Sustainable Development Goals

For TT-Line, sustainability is an integral part of the corporate identity. We are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and focus on achieving the goals through our various sustainability initiatives. We actively strive to have an impact on the economy, environment and society and thus promote a more sustainable future for ourselves and future generations.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Our new Green Ships

TT-Line is the first shipping company, and a pioneer in the southern Baltic Sea, to use LNG for its new Green Ships. This advanced generation of ships is characterized by its extremely high efficiency and flexibility.

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Nature & Environment

TT-Line is very aware of its high responsibility towards nature and the environment. In line with its pronounced environmental awareness, TT-Line can look back on a long tradition, which is characterized by permanent improvement of the environmental balance of the ship operation.

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CO2 compensation

We're excited to offer our passengers the option to purchase liquified biogas (LBG) in proportion to the amount of fuel used for their journey. This means you can actively contribute to reducing your carbon footprint when you travel with TT-Line.

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The EU Emissions Trading System

The ETS is a "Cap and Trade" system, where the emission of certain pollutants in a specific geographic area is limited, and companies are required to possess a certificate for each ton of CO2 or other greenhouse gases they emit. With the ETS system, the EU aims to ensure that greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), from electricity generation and industry (production and transportation), are reduced.

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Electromobility on board

Up to 32 charging stations are available on board of our new Green Ships. We want to offer our customers a sustainable travel experience - charge comfortably your electric vehicle during the crossing for your further journey.

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Our Passengers

For TT-Line, the focus is on the passenger. We want to offer our customers a safe and customized travel experience. Our goal is to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction.

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Our Employees

As the market leader, we benefit from our qualified and motivated employees, because only with them can we consolidate and expand our market position. Whether on board or on land - at TT-Line all employees and young talents are sustainably developed and promoted. Come on board and start your career at TT-Line!

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Our Transport Solutions

TT-Line actively combines the strengths of sea, rail and road in its intermodal network. TT-Line connects the most important intermodal hubs in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Holland and Italy via the Baltic Sea. All connections are perfectly integrated into the timetable. This ensures that all freight arrives at its destination quickly, safely and in an environmentally friendly manner.

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