Electricity connection for camper

We live progress - Charge your camper during the crossing

Charge your Camper on board

Electricity connection for camper on board

As the first vessels in the TT-Line fleet, our Green Ships Nils Holgersson and Peter Pan are equipped with power connections for motorhomes. You can conveniently connect your motor home to the power supply on board our Green Ships during the crossing.

Would you like to have a power connection for your camper during the crossing? Then simply book "Power" in our booking dialog for only 9 €.

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  • Only the use of on-board cables is permitted (CEE 6h L+N+PE 230V 16A). The use of own charging cables is not allowed.
  • The driver must connect and disconnect the cable to and from the vehicle.
  • The cable must be connected directly to the external power supply of the vehicle, adapters are not allowed
  • The connected equipment is in perfect condition and the installation complies with the national guidelines for electrical installation
  • The use of electrical heating devices (fans, convectors, heaters, etc.) during the crossing is prohibited.
  • TT-Line is not liable for any damage caused to the vehicle or the installation.

Our Green Ships

TT-Line is the first shipping company, and a pioneer in the southern Baltic Sea, to use LNG for its new Green Ships. These forward-looking ferries will be the most environmentally friendly ferries in the company's history and on the Baltic Sea.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I book the electricity connection for my camper?

    You can easily book battery charging in the online booking dialogue by yourself.

    At first, please select 'Mobile home' or 'Minivan', when entering travellers and vehicles. In the following steps you can add 'Power' to your booking.

  • Will I get a dedicated parking space on board?

    You will be assigned to a fixed parking space at a charging station by our deck staff. Your vehicle remains parked there during the entire crossing.

  • What shall I pay attention to at the port terminal?

    Please print out the indication label, that you received with your booking confirmation, and place it clearly visible in the windscreen of your car.

    After you have passed the Check-in, follow the directions to the correct ferry port. Your boarding card will tell you the correct pier and the lane you should be in. Please stick to it.

    indication label

  • Safety on board

    In accordance with the TT-Line Conditions of Carriage, we only transport vehicles that are approved for road traffic in accordance with the relevant guidelines. In this regard, the same high requirements apply to electric vehicles as to conventional vehicles.

    Cargo and vehicle fires are critical situations on board any vessel. To minimize the effects of a fire, safety measures are therefore taken that are tailored to the particular cargo. According to current studies and research, the likelihood of an electric vehicle fire is equal to or less than that of an internal combustion engine vehicle. The release of energy is also the same in both cases.

    On-board firefighting measures are in line with the state of the art as well as recommendations for dealing with alternatively powered vehicles in particular. These are permanently audited in close cooperation with the responsible classification society and the flag state. New findings are adapted, implemented and incorporated into crew training. All crew members have special training in fire fighting.

    When using the charging stations, passengers are informed in advance in the booking dialog about safety instructions and special information for using the charging stations.

    The electrical installation and safety systems on board are regularly checked in accordance with international regulations.

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