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TT-Line’s ferries operate normally despite the coronavirus outbreak.

Further information regarding our measures on board can be found  here. Please note the current developments and restrictions on our routes:

Travemünde / Rostock - Trelleborg:

All detailed information about traveling to and from Sweden can be found here.


freight and passage: sanitary control, it is mandatory to wear a face mask or other textile in all public places in Poland from 16.04.2020 until further notice

freight: no further restrictions

passage (1): Polish citizens (until 12th of June 2020) are allowed to travel to Poland. From 04.05.2020 Polish citizens traveling back to Poland  are exempted from the obligation of 14-day quarantine if their travel abroad was part of their business, professional trip or work in Poland or in a neighbouring country (Sweden).

Citizens of EU, EEA or Swiss Member States and their spouses and children, can arrive to Poland for no longer than 12 hours transit time from the moment of crossing the border of the Republic of Poland, to their place of residence or stay (ex. Romanians, Slovakian etc).


freight and passage: All passengers and freight drivers need to fill out the online location card before they arrive to Klaipėda.

freight: Sanitary control and location card should be filled out by the drivers. Drivers with a fever or other coronavirus symptoms will be stopped at the border.

passage: The passenger traffic to Lithuania is suspended by the Lithuanian government until 16.06.2020 24:00 hrs. Foreigners who are family members of the Lithuanian citizens i.e. parents, children, spouses, foster parents are allowed to enter Lithuania.  It is still possible to travel with TT-Line from Klaipėda to Sweden and Germany via Trelleborg and the timetable remains unchanged. It is allowed to travel from Germany (Rostock/Travemünde) to Klaipėda via Trelleborg as of 16.06.2020. From 16th of June 2020 Poles, Latvians and Estonians are allowed travel from Germany to Klaipėda. But it is strictly prohibited to leave the Trelleborg port by passengers waiting for their connecting vessel in Trelleborg port. The passenger traffic from Trelleborg to Klaipėda is suspended by the Lithuanian government (this doesn´t apply to trips from Germany via Trelleborg). Passengers who booked their trips until 01.04.2020 are allowed to travel to Klaipeda. Poles, Latvians and Estonians can leave Lithuania without restrictions.


(1) Polish citizens and foreigners who are spouses or children of Polish citizens or who are under the constant care of citizens of our country will be able to enter Poland in Świnoujście. Foreigners with the “Polish Card”, heads of diplomatic missions and members of the diplomatic and consular staff of the mission as well as members of their families can also enter Poland. Foreigners who have the right to stay permanently or temporarily in Poland, as well as those who have work permits, certificates from employers, i.e. the right to work in Poland, will be admitte

TT-Line routemap

TT-Line Destinations

Travel between the largest North German Baltic ports Travemünde and Rostock or from Świnoujście in Poland to the main ferry port in southern Sweden, Trelleborg or to Klaipėda in Lithuania. With 7 modern ships and up to 18 departures per day TT-Line connects the biggest German harbors and the harbor in Świnoujście with the Swedish city Trelleborg, Sweden’s most important harbor city.

Sweden landscape

TT-Line current offers

Discover Sweden - whether alone, as a couple or with the whole family - whether by motorbike, car or camper - Our routes give you the flexibility to choose how you want to travel. TT-Line will take you comfortably to Sweden or Lithuania. Choose the offer which fits your individual needs best.

Baltic Countries offer

New route: Trelleborg-Klaipėda

Welcome to Lithuania! TT-Line takes you from Trelleborg to Klaipėda upto 4 times a week! You can also start your journey from Rostock or Travemünde (in Germany) via Trelleborg to Klaipėda and return via Trelleborg to Germany.

Crossings between Poland and Sweden

On your way from Świnoujście (PL) to Trelleborg (SE) or the other way around? Enjoy the striking Świnoujście Mole at your port entrance or exit with the TT-Line ferries. Special return tickets are available as well. Find your suitable offer right now.

Discover Germany across the Baltic Sea

Discover the beautiful sides of Northern Germany! Stroll through the historic old towns of the Hanseatic cities of Lübeck or Rostock, discover cultural highlights or enjoy culinary delicacies from € 39 incl. 1 passenger and 1 car.

Buffet with seafruits on board

Enjoy your meal onboard: Pre-book and save!

Save up to 15% on pre-booked meals onboard of our ferries. Breakfast, lunch or dinner – pre-book your favorite meal of the day directly with your online or telephone booking and save up to 15% on meals compared to the price onboard.

Family having breakfast

Comfort Packages - your best choice

With our all-round carefree packages, you can fully enjoy the ferry crossing across the Baltic Sea. Relax in our comfortable cabins, have a meal in the board restaurant and enjoy delicious soft drinks. Package price for 2 starting at € 53. Welcome onboard!

Camping car VW bus

Camping Adventures in Sweden

Discover the ultimate holiday destination for campers and nature lovers - Sweden! Here you will find our recommendations for your holiday, the most beautiful campsites and tips for travelling with your dog and child.

TT-Line ferry Nils Holgersson port of Travemünde


TT-Line – fully in line with its high responsibility for the environment – has a long tradition in permanently optimizing the environmental record of its ship operations. Ships are representing the most environmentally friendly means of transport. Therefore, TT-Line has implemented solutions for an environmentally friendly operation of ships since years.

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