Save up to 35% now! Book a return trip with our return packages and use the code: LSTMNT24

Return Package for

Book your outward and return journey together & save up to 15% on the ticket price

15% discount

on the ticket price

Return Package Vehicles

Our Return Package for Vehicles

With this great return package, you save 15% on the ticket price for your car, van, motorhome or small cargo vehicle on the routes Travemünde/Rostock-Trelleborg!

So you can travel to Sweden and back with 1-9 people from just €69 per person! In addition, you can expect further exclusive discounts if you book a return trip. So what are you waiting for?

Book now!

Book your round-trip travel - get the benefits!

Do you plan your vacation from start to finish and have a return date in mind before you leave? Then we recommend that you use our Return Package for vehicles for your next booking and book your outbound and return trip at the same time!

In addition to the fare, you will receive a 15% discount on your cabin, up to 20% discount on your meals and a 5% discount in our TT-Line shop - the perfect way to get your vacation off to a great start!

Choose the right type of vehicle in our online booking dialog and add up to 8 passengers to your booking.

We have summarized all the benefits for you in a compact overview:

Last minute offer
Book with the code LSTMNT24 until 31.07.24 & get up to 20% extra discount! You save 35% on our return package for vehicles from Travemünde and a total of 30% on the ticket price from Rostock!

  • Comfortable ferry crossing from Travemünde or Rostock

  • 15% discount on the ticket price

  • 15% discount on your cabin

  • Up to 20% discount on your meals

  • 5% discount in our TT-Line Shop

  • 25% discount on length surcharge (from 6m)

  • Kids surprise

Good to know:


✔ All vehicle types except motorcycle and bicycle bookable with 1-9 persons
✔ Each additional person (up to 9 persons possible) and the environmental protection surcharge us calculated per person and per route
✔ From Travemünde 15% discount on the ticket price (from € 78 for round trip)
✔ From Rostock 15% discount on the ticket price (from 98 € for round trip)
✔ 15% discount on your cabin (cabin is not included in the ticket price)
✔ 25 % discount on length surcharge for vehicles longer than 6.01 m
✔ Up to 20 % additional discount on meals
✔ 5 % discount voucher for the TT-Line Shop on bord, excluding reduced items and tobacco products
✔ Kids surprise
✔ Bunker surcharge included
✔ Bookable according to availability
✔ The discounts may only be granted, if a outbound and a return trip are booked
✔ Flexibility add-on bookable
✔ Payable immediately upon booking
✔ Can only be rebooked to SMART tickets and Return Packages (but not to package deals/package tours), price changes may occur
✔ Rebooking fee of 40 €/ 450 SEK per rebooking
✔ Save 9 € / 90 SEK service fee for manual rebookings/ cancellations made by our TT-Line employees and adjust your trip online under My TT-Line
✔ Save 15 € / 150 SEK service fee and book online
✔ No refund in the event of cancellation
✔ Only applies to new bookings
✔ Cannot be combined with other discounts
✔ Please note the information about your Check in, departure and arrival times on your travel confirmation
✔ The on board facilities and services vary depending on the type of ship and the season

Our tip: Travel flexibly and safely with our FLEX option!

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Book now

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