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Decent Work and Economic Growth

Safe and inclusive working environment for full productivity

TT-Line's significance for the environment

At TT-Line, economic growth and sustainability go hand in hand. For economic growth to have a positive impact, it must be accompanied by decent work, which includes full productivity and a safe and inclusive working environment.

TT-Line is part of Europe's critical transport infrastructure, carrying large numbers of passengers and playing a vital role in the Scandinavian supply chain. By transporting food and essential goods between continental Europe and Scandinavia, TT-Line contributes to the uninterrupted flow of goods.


Did you know?

The TT-Line family consists of about 1.000 employees from 33 different nations.

Young talent is our future

Young talents are at the core of our business and our key to growth and success in the future. Our goal is to support and develop our TT-Line youngsters in a sustainable way so that they have a promising long-term future within the company. Right from the start, they are actively involved in a wide range of exciting initiatives and projects, enabling them to take on responsibility quickly and to grow both personally and professionally.

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Safety on board

A safe working environment for our employees on board means, at the same time, a safe ferry for our customers to travel with. As a minimum standard, all safety measures must conform to the requirements of the international, regional, and national safety regulations for ocean-going vessels which form the basis of the SOLAS Convention (Safety of Life at Sea) of the International Maritime Organization IMO, a United Nations body.

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Customer satisfaction

Feedback from our customers is an important part of growing and developing economically. Being in permanent exchange with our customers is the only way we can get suggestions for improvement or the confirmation we need to continue our success story. With our feedback system and the TT-Line chatbot, we aim to improve our services and fulfil customer needs and wishes.

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Sustainable travel experience

A sustainable travel experience involves digitalization and innovation which in turn fosters economic growth and efficiency. During the past years, the whole check-in process was simplified and digitalized. Since then, we have continuously improved the usability by installing technical updates and making the entire process more user-friendly.


The sustainable travel experience offers a faster Check-In process, which leads in the car check-in machine to less CO2 emissions. Since boarding card and cabin key are one and the same document, we can save more than 50% of paper.

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