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Shore Power

Ongoing innovation & development for even more sustainability at TT-Line

Shore Power & Green Shipping Corridor

We are delighted to share a significant development in TT-Line's ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability within the maritime industry.

Beginning this autumn, TT-Line will commence the implementation of shore power capabilities across four ships of our fleet. This strategic initiative enables our vessels to connect to local power grids while berthed, thereby markedly reducing emissions and mitigating noise pollution in port areas.

This proactive step underscores our dedication to not only minimizing our carbon footprint but also spearheading meaningful change within our sector. By embracing sustainable practices, TT-Line aims to set a new standard for responsible maritime operations.

Furthermore, the ports of Trelleborg and Lübeck, in collaboration with TT-Line and various stakeholders from the shipping industry, have embarked on an ambitious initiative to establish a Green Shipping Corridor. This partnership aims to qualify for recognition under the Clydebank Declaration, with the endorsement of Sweden and Germany. The Green Shipping Corridor serves as a testbed for scalable solutions to decarbonize entire shipping routes, ultimately striving for zero emissions.

The project will be implemented in phases, acknowledging the need for incremental progress in some parts of the corridor. Key objectives include securing governmental endorsement, fostering stakeholder commitment, and defining a framework for actions within the Green Shipping Corridor between the Port of Trelleborg and the Port of Lübeck.


In partnership with BordstromTech and the German Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport, we have applied for government co-funding to equip our four largest ferries with shore power capabilities.

By taking this proactive approach, we are demonstrating that we are at the forefront of sustainable practices and promoting the development of necessary infrastructure in cooperation with key ports.

We are actively working with our port partners to ensure readiness for the implementation of shore power facilities. Discussions are underway with the various ports, with the ports of Trelleborg and Travemünde expected to be ready by 2025 in line with our equipment plan.

Environmental benefits

The use of shore power offers significant benefits for the environment, including the reduction of CO2 emissions and other air pollutants.

For 60 years, we have been thinking innovatively and acting responsibly and sustainably.
And we will continue to steer with full speed ahead.
We invest in a sustainable future!

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Our new Green Ships

TT-Line is the first shipping company, and a pioneer in the southern Baltic Sea, to use LNG for its new Green Ships. This advanced generation of ships is characterized by its extremely high efficiency and flexibility.

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