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Route Information

With TT-Line you can travel relaxed into your Sweden holidays. With day and night departures, our routes offer you a wide range of travel options from various destinations to reach Trelleborg and back directly.

From our locations in Germany, Rostock and Travemünde, but also from Świnoujście in Poland, you can travel several times a day to Trelleborg in southern Sweden. Since 2018 you can even travel to Lithuania on our Sweden ferries. Up to four times a week our ships will take you from Germany via Trelleborg to Lithuania or directly from Trelleborg to Klaipėda.

Let your holidays begin on board of our comfortable ferries!

Travelling from Germany/Poland to Sweden

 Travemünde Trelleborg  8  30 min. before dep.  Peter Pan, Nils Holgersson,
 Huckleberry Finn, Robin Hood,
 Tom Sawyer, Nils Dacke
 Rostock ↔ Trelleborg  8  30 min. before dep.  Peter Pan, Nils Holgersson,
 Huckleberry Finn, Robin Hood,
 Tom Sawyer, Nils Dacke
 Świnoujście ↔ Trelleborg 4  60 min. before dep.  Peter Pan,
 Nils Dacke, Robin Hood

Travelling from Germany via Sweden to Lithuania

 Trelleborg Klaipėda 4  30 min. before dep.  Tom Sawyer, Robin Hood, Marco Polo
 Klaipėda→ Trelleborg
4  60 min. before dep.  Tom Sawyer, Robin Hood, Marco Polo

 Travemünde→ Klaipėda

 Rostock         Klaipėda


(Arrival at the next day)

30 min. before dep.

30 min. before dep.

 Tom Sawyer, Robin Hood
 Klaipėda Travemünde 4
(Arrival at the next day)
 60 min. before dep.  Tom Sawyer, Robin Hood

Suitable departures for all!

TT-Line offers the biggest route network in direct traffic to southern Sweden. With seven ships and up to 18 departures daily, TT-Line connects the German Baltic Sea ports of Travemünde and Rostock as well as the Polish port Świnoujście and the Lithuanian port Klaipėda with Trelleborg in southern Sweden. With around 900,000 passengers and more than 400,000 freight units per year, the shipping company is market leader in passenger and freight traffic between Germany and Sweden.

Since 2015, TT-Line ships have been operated in accordance with the specifications of the IMO (International Maritime Organization). Five of the seven ferries operate with the environmentally friendly marine fuel MGO 0.1%. The CO2 "footprint" is further improved with streamlined hull shapes, innovative coating systems and consumption-optimized speed management. In the past, TT-Line's technology and environmental management has received several awards.

Thanks to our free kids' entertainment in the summer months, the whole family can start their holiday in a relaxed manner. The popular kids' animation with the TT-Line animators for little adventurers and sea bears takes place on our comfortable Sweden ferries  Nils Holgersson, Peter Pan, Nils Dacke, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

Destination Travemünde

Travemünde - Trelleborg

Starting from the charming port of Travemünde you can reach the southern Swedish port of Trelleborg in 8 hours with up to 8 departures daily. All information about this ferry connection can be found here.

Destination Rostock

Rostock - Trelleborg

Starting from the Hanseatic city on the Warnow, you can reach Trelleborg after a 6-hour crossing on up to 8 departures daily. All information about this route can be found here.

Destination Swinoujscie

Świnoujście - Trelleborg

With our boats you can reach Trelleborg from Świnoujście in 6.5 hours. Especially for travellers from the region around Berlin, the Polish port city is an attractive possibility to start your holiday in Sweden.

Destination Klaipeda

Klaipėda - Trelleborg

Four times a week you travel with TT-Line to the easternmost destination of our route network. The Baltic region around Klaipėda is developing into a popular holiday region thanks to cultural highlights, beautiful nature and fine sandy beaches.


Travemünde/Rostock - Klaipėda

TT-Line takes you from Travemünde or Rostock to Klaipėda, Lithuania. With one direct departure per week and up to three additional connections via Trelleborg, you will reach the Baltic countries. More information can be found here.


Here you will find all current information about our timetable.


Here you will find important information about check-in in the individual ports as well as on our modern self check-in solutions in Travemünde, Rostock and Trelleborg.

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