General Terms and Conditions for the carriage of groups


1. Scope of application

The following terms and conditions have exclusive application for contracts that companies, referred to below as the ‘contractual partner’, conclude with TT-Line GmbH & Co. KG, referred to below as ‘TT-Line’. The contract of carriage between TT-Line and the contractual partner will be subject to the
TT-Line terms of carriage for passengers, unless a divergent provision appears below. Any such divergent provision will take precedence over the original provisions.

2. Entering into an agreement

Bookings must be made with TT-Line in writing or by means of the computer reservation system. For TT-Line, bookings are non-binding until the booking and the price have been confirmed to the contractual partner in writing. When the booking is implemented, these terms and conditions of TT-Line are simultaneously accepted and recognised. Without consulting TT-Line, the contractual partner will be able to sell all bookings up to the confirmed number of passengers and the indicated cabin quota. Any increase in the number of persons or change of cabin type will only be legally binding if written confirmation is provided by TT-Line to the contractual partner. Initial consultation about the current status of bookings is required eight weeks before the date of travel.

3. Due date of payment

Unless agreed otherwise the entire price of the journey will be payable at the latest 14 days before the departure date.

4. Price changes

TT-Line expressly reserves the right to make price changes after the conclusion of the contract of carriage in the event of any rise in transport costs. Increases will be based on the following:
If after the conclusion of the contract of carriage the fuel costs payable by TT-Line for the specific ship rise, the increase will be divided by the number of passenger places on the vessel. TT-Line will charge the contractual partner for the increased amount payable for the individual ticket.
If charges such as port fees that are in force on the conclusion of the contract are increased,
TT-Line will distribute the increase across the relevant number of passenger places. If the exchange rates in existence on the conclusion of the contract of carriage change to such an extent that the cost of the journey rises, TT-Line will require payment of any additional costs arising from the carriage operations carried out on behalf of the contractual partner. In the event of any price change the contractual partner will be notified without delay. In all cases, a price change will only be possible up to 21 days before the departure.

5. Withdrawal by the contractual partner

The contractual partner can withdraw from the contract of carriage at any time before departure. If the contractual partner fails to embark on the journey this will be regarded as a withdrawal from the contract. If the contractual partner withdraws from the contract of carriage or fails to embark on the
journey, TT-Line will have the right to require compensation for its costs and the preparations made for the journey. In calculating the withdrawal fee TT-Line will take into account any expenses saved and the possible allocation of the travel arrangements to other customers. As a rule, the withdrawal
fees charged by TT-Line are as follows:

a) Withdrawal from booked ferry trips 
Up to 28 days before departure there will be no withdrawal fee.
From the 27th day to the 15th day before departure, 10% of the overall price
From the 14th day to the 4th day before departure, 50% of the overall prize
From the 3rd day before departure and failure to embark on the journey, 80% of the overall price

b) Withdrawal of individual members of a group in the case of ferry trips
Up to 8 days before departure there will be no withdrawal fee.
From the 7th day to 2 days before departure, 50% of the overall price per person
From 1 day before departure and failure to embark on the journey, 80% of the overall price
Special withdrawal fees apply to large groups (from 100 persons).

6. Liability on the part of TT-Line

In addition to Section 11 of the general terms and conditions of carriage for passengers, any liability on the part of TT-Line for financial, consequential or indirect damages, in particular for loss of profit, financial loss and other reductions in assets is excluded.

7. Place of jurisdiction, applicable law

7.1 Unless agreed otherwise the sole place of jurisdiction for any disputes arising between the contractual partners will be Lübeck (Germany).
7.2 Unless other mandatory provisions apply, the entire legal relationship will be subject to German law. Insofar as it is legally permissible, this will also apply to the legal relationship between the passenger and TT-Line.
7.3 If any provision of these terms of carriage is or becomes invalid or unenforceable, or becomes invalid or unenforceable after the conclusion of the contract, this will not affect the validity of the remaining contract and its provisions. The invalid or unenforceable provision will be replaced by whatever valid and enforceable provision comes closest to the original business purpose intended by the contractual partners when they concluded the invalid or unenforceable provision. The above provisions will also apply to any omissions in the contract.

Status: June 2016

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