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TT-Line Bonus Card

Terms & Conditions

Bonus Card Terms & Conditions

These are the conditions of TT-Line's Bonus Card. If you like to have further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail. We are happy to welcome you in our TT-Line Bonus Card program.

1. Any individual person, who has reached the age of 18, may apply for a TT-Line Bonus Card. You will receive a Bonus Card account by stating your last booking number in the application form. Incomplete application forms will not be processed. There must be no more than four weeks between the start of your last trip and the submission of your application form. It's also possible to enter a future booking number.

2. TT-Line stores and uses the data provided by the application form for the purpose of conducting and maintaining the ongoing customer relationship.

3. Within the TT-Line Bonus Card system, cardholders are granted bonus points on booked and paid services (passage ferry crossings, hotel bookings, TT-Line travel programmes, cabins, pre-booked meals, and extra services). The use of a service from the bonus catalogue does not generate bonus points. The bonus points are not paid out in cash and not transferable.

4. One Euro turnover generates 9 bonus points, 1 SEK turnover generates 1 bonus point (subject to change). Conference and group fares as well as freight bookings do not generate bonus points. All services booked after check-in do not generate bonus points either.

5. Bonus points that you acquire between the receipt of the application and the handover of the Bonus Card will be credited to you manually by TT-Line. Trips made before the application, will be credited retroactively for a maximum of 4 weeks.

6. The bonus points are automatically credited after you completed your trip. If you book a return trip and you only get on your outward trip, but not on your inbound trip, no bonus points will be credited.

7. Canceled trips or trips not taken do not generate bonus points. Paid cancellation invoices are excluded from this. Partial cancellations result in a corresponding reduction of the bonus points. The last booking status is decisive.

8. Rewards can only be redeemed with new bookings. These bookings can only be made by our TT-Line employees. You can select rewards from the TT-Line rewards catalogue valid at the time.

9. When booking, please indicate that you are a Bonus Card customer by stating your Bonus Customer number. If you fail to do so, you still have the opportunity to contact the TT-Line Bonus Card service, by telephone +49 (0)4502 801-359 or e-mail, up to four weeks after the end of your return trip. Otherwise there is no entitlement to bonus points. For online bookings, please log in with your Bonus Card customer number.

10. Bonus Card account holders who book through a travel agency/ travel agent have the option to contact the TT-Line Bonus Card service by telephone +49 (0)4502801-359 or by e-mail up to four weeks after the end of your return trip in order to receive bonus points. Otherwise there is no entitlement to bonus points.

11. Bonus points are only credited to one bonus point account per booking.

12. If TT-Line has already granted a discount for booked and paid services on the basis of other regulations, no more bonus points can be claimed for these services.

13. Bonus points, which are added to a bonus point account due to incorrect bookings or misuse, can be cancelled by TT-Line at any time.

14. a) If there has been no movement on your bonus point account for two years, the Bonus Card customer registration will be deleted. The bonus points expire. The two-year period begins with the last changes on your bonus point account.
b) Bonus points, that are older than two years, will be deleted.

15. The Bonus Card is transferable by the cardholder to family members and relatives, if they are not entitled to the Bonus Card program themselves. The prerequisite is, that the booking is made by using the cardholder's customer number. The cardholder receives the invoice and travel documents. This regulation does not apply retroactively.

16. In case of changes of the name and/ or address of the Cardholder, TT-Line must be informed immediately by telephone or by e-mail.

17. In case of booking changes caused by TT-Line, the bonus points shall be granted in accordance to the original booking. The crediting of these bonus points must be requested by the cardholder by writing to TT-Line, Bonus Card Support, Zum Hafenplatz 1, D-23570 Lübeck-Travemünde, or by e-mail.

18. TT-Line does not assume any guarantee for benefits offered to cardholders by cooperation partners. Complaints and objections must be made exclusively to the respective service provider.

19. TT-Line reserves the right to change the terms and conditions and services of the Bonus Card at any time and without prior notice.

20. TT-Line reserves the right to set or to change crossings and fares, where bonus boints can be earned, as well as their conversion rate, at any time and at its sole discretion.

21. TT-Line accepts no liability for a TT-Line Bonus card that has been lost, stolen or used by an unauthorised person. In the event of loss of the card, this must be reported immediately to TT-Line, Bonus Card Support, by telephone +49 (0)4502 801-359 or by e-mail. Bonus points redeemed by third parties in the meantime will not be replaced by TT-Line.

22. Both the cardholder and TT-Line, may terminate the Bonus Card contract at any time with four weeks notice without giving reasons. Upon termination of the contract, the bonus point account shall automatically expire. Both parties reserve the right to extraordinary terminate for good cause. Reasons are e.g. the misuse and default of payment by the cardholder. The card remains the property of TT-Line and must be returned to TT-Line, Bonus Card Support, Zum Hafenplatz 1, D-23570 Lübeck-Travemünde, upon termination of the contract.

23. The TT-Line Bonus Card program and the Bonus Card are valid until revoked.

24 Bonus Card holders can identify themselves on board by showing the "My Bonus Card" area after logging in.


December 2023

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