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Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Reliable and sustainable infrastructure for everyone

We invest in a reliable infrastructure

At TT-Line we are eager to find ways to further develop reliable and sustainable infrastructure, that is accessible and affordable for all. As part of the critical infrastructure in Europe, we believe that we have a responsibility to take care of the environment and continue to improve our products and services. We are constantly investing in research and development to increase resource-use efficiency and adopt cleaner and more environment-friendly technologies.

Our transport solutions

We actively combine the strengths of sea, rail, and road transportation in our intermodal network. Across the Baltic Sea, we connect the major intermodal hubs in Norway, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain and Italy.

The Port of KlaipÄ—da connects Scandinavia and the Baltic States, including Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Karlshamn as our new port will offer a time-saving alternative on the route to or from Stockholm and to the Baltics.

All connections are seamlessly integrated into our ferry schedule, ensuring that all cargo reaches its destination quickly, safely, and in an environmentally friendly manner. TT-Line is continuously expanding its intermodal network and actively participates in the expansion and development of intermodal solutions between Continental Europe and Scandinavia.

TT-Line's intermodal network

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TT-Line Trucker Tools

TT-Line offers innovative digital solutions for efficient processes and maximum flexibility. We currently offer three different options to book freight units flexible online. Our Intermodal Online Booking for the simple online booking of intermodal transports completes our portfolio of innovative digital booking solutions. 

  • Online Booking (for TT-Line customers with a customer account): Freight customers can increase the efficiency of their scheduling process with TT-Line through our efficient schedule overview. They can book all types of RoRo freight and manage all bookings until shortly before departure.
  • Transportticket: We offer our customers an uncomplicated ferry transportation by booking with TT-Line in just four easy steps without the need to open an account. Our transport ticket offers attractive deals for transportation needs and immediate availability of fixed seats.
  • Interface for Customers with high transport volumes: Book all types of RoRo cargo, get direct feedback for your request and receive information about latest booking status directly from your Transport Management System.
  • Intermodal Online Booking: TT-Line makes intermodal easy. One booking, one price, one invoice: TT-Line offers our freight customers an extensive intermodal service by connecting the train and ferry bookings for them. With our Intermodal Online Booking Solution we reduce the customers manual effort to a minimum.

In addition to digital booking solutions, we also offer efficient and flexible solutions for check-in, pick-up and communication of delays. 

  • Online Freight Check-In: Freight customers can check-in their accompanied and unaccompanied units online via computer, tablet or smartphone. This innovative tool allows to check-in transport units flexibly and independently of location and device.
  • Freight Pick-up: The TT-Line Pick-up Tool allows freight customers to quickly and easily see whether their trailer is already ready for pick-up at the destination port.
  • Late Arrival & Cancelation: The "Late Arrival" and "Cancelation" function is the quick way for drivers to inform us about a late arrival in the harbor or to cancel a booking.
  • Cabotage Report: With our Cabotage report customers get a proof that a transport unit has been delivered or picked up for the ferry. After the port has confirmed the pickup/delivery, the driver can get a proof report via the booked registration number. A timestamped image of the pickup/delivery can be downloaded and saved.

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Optimum energy efficiency through our sustainability initiatives

It is evident that implementation of greenhouse gas neutral fuel is necessary, from both an environmental, climate and compliance perspective. But it is also evident that it will be years before we can rely purely on sustainable sources of energy. Therefore, we must constantly seek innovations in existing assets and ensure optimal energy efficiency, to keep the negative impact on the environment as low as possible and reduce the overall energy cost.

Voyage optimization

Voyage optimization ("Fleet Intelligence") introduces a comprehensive AI tool for recording and evaluating voyage data. By recording ship parameters (such as engine power, ship speed, draught, trim, etc.) and environmental parameters (such as wind, waves, water depth, etc.), a comprehensive analysis of ship operations is possible. The data is used to make recommendations to the ships, e.g. what speed to maintain in which part of the route or which route to take. These factors are also taken into account when planning routes in order to optimize fuel consumption. We plan to expand monitoring and reporting in order to further optimize our fuel consumption and thus reduce emissions.

Waste heat recovery

MV Robin Hood recently got equipped with a waste heat recovery system. Absorbing heat from the exhaust gas flow, the system generates steam which is used to power a generator turbine. Due to this technology up to 400 kW of electric power can be generated which otherwise would be lost in heat dissipation. The secondary usage of heat thus significantly reduces the load and consumption of the diesel generators and helps to save emissions.

Shore power installation

Our latest initiative to promote sustainability is the introduction of shore power in the ports of Travemünde, Rostock and Trelleborg. This will enable ships to switch off their auxiliary engines and connect to the local power grid instead to reduce carbon emissions and noise pollution. In partnership with the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV), we have applied for government co-funding to equip our four largest ferries with shore power capabilities.

E-car charging station

The E-car charging stations on board our newbuildings Nils Holgersson and Peter Pan give our passengers the possibility to charge electric cars during the crossing. Our new Green Ships are equipped with 32 chargers for electric vehicles as the first ships of the TT-Line fleet. We want to support the development of electric and sustainable mobility and we want to offer our customers the best possible service. 

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Electrictiy connection for camper

As the first vessels in the TT-Line fleet, our newbuildings Nils Holgersson and Peter Pan will be equipped with power connections for motor homes. Our passengers will have the chance to conveniently connect their motor home to the power supply on board our Green Ships during the crossing. If our customers want to have a power connection for their camper during the crossing, soon they will be able to simply book "Power" in our booking dialog.

Current advancements in sustainability: Innovating for a greener future


  • 5G-Project: This project contributes to optimize the quality and timeliness of the communicated data and therefore shorten the time period of loading, increase efficiency and increase safety, especially in dangerous situations.The goal of the project is to use the performance features of the new 5G cellular network to enable real-time communication between  the TT-Line backend (booking systems), the vessel and the port.
  • Pre-stowage optimization: We are currently developing a program to automatically optimize container pre-stowage. This improves port space organization, assigning vehicles to lanes efficiently. Successful implementation could save up to 10 minutes per port visit by reducing traffic congestion and enabling slower vehicle speeds, leading to fuel savings. Better ship utilization also cuts emissions per container transported.

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