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Tips and information for planning a conference

It should be easy and fun to plan a conference. But many might feel overwhelmed by the task because there are many parts to consider. We want it to be as simple as possible for you who are planning and for you to get the most out of your conference. Below you can read about our best tips for how to plan a conference with TT-Line.

1. Participants

It is important to ask how many participants that will take part in the conference so that we can determine if we have room for the group on board. You can read more about how many participants that fit in our various conference rooms further down on this page.

2. Conference room and technique

Depending on the number of participants, you can choose different furnishings. It is also important to review what technology you will need and what is available in our conference rooms. Our conference ships have free High Speed internet and modern equipment that is included in the rent.

3. Detailed schedule of the conference

Plan the travel time and route from the homes or a gathering point to the port, time for boarding, start and end times for the conference and time for meals, as well as for disembarkation and the journey from the port. Also keep in mind that the participants need time to take a leg stretcher every now and then, preferably with fresh sea air on our sundeck. An activity together is always appreciated, and of course do not forget to plan for some personal time to have time to make a visit in our shop on board.

4. Meals during the conference

The participants need their brain food during the conference. Satisfied participants are happy and engaged participants. Two of our conference offers already include meals for the whole day, with the possibility to book extras. If you book our "Mix & Meet" conference package, you can choose which meals suit your schedule best. Also remember to ask if anyone needs a special diet and to give us the information in advance.

5. The price

An important part of the planning is of course the cost of the conference. We have chosen to make it easy for you. You pay for the selected conference package per person and the rental fee for the conference room.

Conference rooms on board Nils Holgersson

On board Nils Holgersson we have three conference rooms that can be combined and together provide space for up to 30 participants.

Conference room Travemünde:
• 23m²
• Capacity for up to 8 people.
• 65” screen

Conference room Rostock:
• 30m²
• Capacity for up to 10 people.
• 65” screen

Conference room Trelleborg:
• 33m²
• Capacity for up to 12 people.


Equipment in the conference rooms:
• High Speed Wifi
• Notepads and pens
• Whiteboard, double-sided and magnetic incl. magnets
• Large flip chart
• Moderation case 
• Blackout curtains

All rooms have:
• sea view 
• Room height: 2.2 m
• Air conditioning


Conference rooms on board Akka & Tinker Bell

On board Tinker Bell and Akka, we have two conference rooms that can be combined and together provide space for up to 50 participants.

Conference room Santa Maria (Akka) and Victory (Tinker Bell):
• 40m²
• Capacity for up to 36 people.

Conference room Pinta (Akka) and Triumph (Tinker Bell):
• 38m²
• Capacity for up to 24 people


Equipment in the conference rooms:
• High Speed Wifi
• Notepads and pens
• Whiteboard, magnetic
• Large flip chart
• Podium
• Blackout curtains

All rooms have:
• sea view 
•Room height: 2.2 m
•Air conditioning.

Cinema (without daylight):
• 46m²
• Capacity for up to 45 people
• Video/data projector and film screen in 16:9 Image format.

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