Here you will find important information about shipping your accompanied and unaccompanied units with TT-Line.
The Operational Guideline provides you with an explanation of the check-in procedure for accompanied units and the delivery and collection of unaccompanied units. An explanation of the procedures for other processes, such as the shipment of dangerous goods, container delivery in the port of Rostock and the stacking service in Trelleborg can also be found here. 

  • Check-In processes per harbour

  • Shipping Dangerous Goods with TT-Line

    We can accept a variety of dangerous goods types. Here you can find more information about our handling of dangerous goods.

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    Shipping Dangerous Goods with TT-Line
  • Container Delivery/ Pick-up in Rostock

    Here you will find more information about the delivery and collection of containers at the Rostock overseas port by truck via road.

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  • Stacking Service Trelleborg

    Please find an explanation of the Container and Trailer Stacking service in the port of Trelleborg here.

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  • Transhipments between Germany and Lithuania

    In addition to the connection from Sweden to Klaipeda in Lithuania, TT-Line also offers connections from Travemünde and Rostock in Germany. Here you can find more information about these connections, which include a transhipment in Trelleborg.

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  • Customs clearance, exemption

    1. TT-Line is not authorized or obliged to declare any goods to the customs authorities (see Art. 139 et seq UCC). The presentation obligation is the sole responsibility of the shipper, who has to take care of it.
    2. TT-Line cannot be charged with opening / terminating customs transit procedures.
    3. The shipper exempts TT-Line internally from any claims of third parties (in particular the customs and tax authorities) in
      connection with customs clearance.
  • Lashing-Points

    Loading units must have a sufficient number of lashing eyes suitable for carriage by sea!

    It is basically ordered by the maritime authority that the captain can decide not to transport loading units without lashing points.

    TT-Line only ships units with lashing points.This also applies to the vehicles without dangerous goods.  It is thus possible to secure the cargo units even in severe weather conditions and to optimize the safety on board.

    If you have any further questions, please contact our booking department for further information.