Trailer Stacking Service in Trelleborg

TT-Line offers a trailer stacking service to get two trailers lifted on one trailer with a reachstacker done by the Port of Trelleborg. The driver will have to assist and secure the cargo himself.


TT-Line Freight Booking:

  +46 (0) 410 56150

Booking procedure

Simply book the carrying freight unit via our innovative online booking tool. Then send an E-mail to with the following information:

  • Trailer Stacking in the subject line
  • The booked carrying unit (registration number & booked route/ departure)
  • Registration number of the trailers to be stacked
  • Estimated delivery time of the units


Check-In procedure

The Stacking Service is available during opening hours of the Kombiterminal:
Monday to Sunday from 6 am until 11 pm.

  • The driver with the booked and carrying unit reports to the Check-In in Trelleborg (Standard Check-In procedure) and enters the harbor via the photogate.
  • The drivers delivering the to be stacked trailers report at the Servicegate (next to Photogate) and will get access after informing that they deliver Stacking trailers.
  • All drivers shall drive to the Kombiterminal area (next to Berth 10), where the trailers will then be stackedThe driver will assist and secure the cargo.
  • The lorries delivering the stacking trailers will then exit the harbor and the booked unit can continue to the respective pre-stow on his boarding card or if the stacked trailer unit will proceed unaccompanied bring the unit to the respective pre-stow.