Trelleborg Travemünde Rostock Świnoujście Klaipėda

Our Routenetwork

TT-Line connects the German Baltic ports, Travemünde and Rostock, the Polish port of Świnoujście, the Lithuanian port of Klaipėda and the swedish port of Karlshamn with Trelleborg in Sweden.

For 61 years TT-Line is offering reliable, high-quality and environmentally friendly transport solutions. With several departures daily on our traditional routes, TT-Line offers a high level of flexibility and capacity to get your cargo to Europe´s leading economic zones on time. 

Starting with the connection from Travemünde to Trelleborg in 1962, the network was expanded in 1992 to include the connection from Rostock to Trelleborg. The Świnoujście - Trelleborg connection, introduced in 2014, completes the route trio from Central Europe to Southern Sweden.

In spring 2018, the route network was expanded with a connection between Trelleborg and Klaipėda in Lithuania. This ferry route thus creates additional capacity for the dynamically growing market between Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. In addition to the connection from Lithuania to Sweden, we also offer onward shipping to Germany. Direct connections between Rostock and Klaipėda, as well as Travemünde and Klaipėda are also offered.

In spring 2023 TT-Line´s route network was extended by connecting the swedish port of Karlshamn. Besides offering the route from Trelleborg in South Sweden to Klaipėda as well as the connections from the German ports Travemünde and Rostock to Klaipėda, we offer a direct route from Karlshamn to and from Klaipėda.