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Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions. They are categorized in Sales & Booking, Check-In & Pick-up and On Board for yout to find your answer fast and easily.

  • How to make a booking?

    We offer two possibilities of online booking. If you have a customer account, you can simply use our Online Booking. If you have irregular transports between Skandinavia and Continental Europe, the TT-Line Transportticket is the easiest way to book your fix space on board of TT-Line. Of course you also have the possibility to contact or booking team in case of special requests.  

  • What is the price of a transport?

    Our freight calculator allows you to calculate the price for a full transport quickly. The price of a transport depends on the vehicle type, route, departure time and date. You can also insert your individual freight rate into the rate calculator and get the total price. You will receive an individual offer based on your individual transport volume from our sales team.

  • How do I become a TT-Line freight customer?

    If you have regular transports between Scandinavia and Continental Europe, we would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made offer based on your individual transport volume. In order to set up a TT-Line freight account for you, please fill in our customer application form:

    Become a TT-Line freight customer

  • What is the Transportticket and when should I use it?

    If you only have irregular or sporadic freight  transports across the Baltic Sea you can book your ferry ticket for all our routes flexibly online.
    With TT-Line Transportticket you can book your ferry ticket from Germany, Poland or Lithuania to Sweden and back in just 4 easy steps and without account registration. Benefit from attractive deals, direct availability and fix places.


  • What are the payment options for bookings with TT-Line Transportticket?

    The TT-Line Transportticket supports the payment options of credit card, Mastercard, Maestro and Visa, PayPal as well as direct payment. After successfully finishing the payment process you will receive your booking confirmation and the receipt via E-Mail. 

  • Where do I find timetables?

    Our current timetable overview for all our routes including live updates can be found on our timetable page. In addition, you will also find a current timetable overview with direct booking option in our two online booking platforms. Standard timetables can be found in the route overviews. 

  • Is it necessary to book in advance?

    In general no, but a booking in advance ensures that we will have a space available on the desired departure. Therefore it is best to always send your booking request as early as possible. Besides that, it is necessary for dangerous goods to book at least 24 hours in advance.

  • Is the shipping of dangerous goods possible?

    Our vessels accept a variety of dangerous goods types. Here you can find more information about our handling of dangerous goods.

    Dangerous Goods

  • Are the meals for drivers included in the price?

    The booking of an accompanied transport unit includes, besides the ticket, also a cain berth for your truck driver. Additionally there are free driver meals depending on the different route:

    • Trelleborg – Świnoujście: one meal included

    • Trelleborg – Klaipeda: two to three meals included depending on the departure times

    • Travemünde/Rostock – Klaipeda: three to four meals included depending on the departure times

    The Transportticket deals does not include any meals, but meals can be directly bought on board.

  • How many drivers can be booked on a freight ticket?

    The booking of a accompanied transport units includes one truck driver. In addition, it is possible to book up to five additional drivers for an additional charge.

  • Is it possible to change bookings?

    Yes, it is possible. You can simply change all kinds of booking specifications or rebook to another departure under the Manage section in our Online Booking system until 1 hour before dearture. If a unit is already checked in, no changes can be done anymore. Please note that changed for the Transportticket deals are in general not possible and if a rebooking fee of 50€ will be charged. Please log in with your Username and your password at our online booking tool.

  • How can I Check-In?

    TT-Line offers three possible way of Check-In:

    1. Online Freight Check-In

    Accompanied and Unaccompanied units can be checked in online using a computer, tablet or smartphone even before arrival at the port of departure here. This is available in Travemünde, Rostock and Trelleborg. 
    Choose your departure port and fill in your registration number or ILU-code.
    After you have successfully checked in, you will receive a barcode and pin also per E-Mail or SMS. Please scan this barcode or enter the pin at the pick-up station in the parking areas of the port. After scanning you will receive your boarding card as well as cabin keys– and, thus, the gate will open so you can drive onboard. Please find a detailled Guideline of the Freight Check-In here.

    2. Self-Check-In in the harbour offices

    In our offices we offer self check-in computers for your drivers. Here your drivers can select from over 20 language to complete the check-in process in thier language and fill in all information correctly. They will then receive the boarding cards and cabin keys and proceed to the gates to drive inside the harnours by scanning their tickets from their drivers cabin.

    3. Personal Check-In at one of the TT-Line offices in the departure port. If you have special questions, our Check-In Teams are there to help.


  • What is the latest Check-In time?

    The latest check-in time for accompanied units is 1h prior to departure.

    Dangerous goods as well as unaccompanied units need to be checked-in 1,5h prior to departure.

    Of course we always try to accept units arriving late. In those cases, please report your driver late in advance using the option under Online booking in the Manage area. In this way we know that we can expect the unit to arrive for the departure.

  • Check-In in Travemünde

    In the departure Port of Travemünde are all three ways of Check-In possible. You can use or mobile Freight Check-In, the Self-Check-in in the office or use the service in the Check-In office. 

    Harbor directions

    TT-Line Ferry Terminal Travemünde

    Zum Hafenplatz1
    D-23570 Lübeck-Travemünde

    If arriving from a southerly direction via the A 1 motorway, simply follow the signs for "Lübeck-Travemünde Skandinavienkai". This will automatically take you to the TT-Line Ferry Terminal.

  • Check-In in Rostock

    In the departure Port of Rostock are all three ways of Check-In possible. You can use or mobile Freight Check-In, the Self-Check-in in the office or use the service in the Check-In office. 

    Harbor directions

    TT-Line Ferry Terminal Rostock

    Port of Rostock - Überseehafen
    Zum Fährterminal 1
    D-18147 Rostock-Überseehafen

    Follow the A 20/19 motorway all the way to the Rostock Überseehafen.
    This will take you straight to the TT-Line Ferry Terminal.

  • Check-In in Trelleborg

    In the departure Port of Trelleborg are all three ways of Check-In possible. You can use or mobile Freight Check-In, the Self-Check-in in the office or use the service in the Check-In office. 

    Harbor directions

    TT-Line Ferry Terminal Trelleborg

    Norra Nyhamnsgatan 1B
    S-23161 Trelleborg

     Arriving from the direction of Malmö simply follow European route E 22. If you arrive from Ystad, the R 9 takes you straight to the TT-Line Ferry Terminal, Travemündebron.

  • Check-In in Swinoujscie

    In the port of Swinoujscie you can use the Self-Check-In in the office or have a staff member in the office help you.

    Harbor directions:

    TT-Line Ferry Terminal Świnoujście

    Terminal Promowy
    ul. Dworcowa 1
    PL-72-600 Świnoujście

    From Lübeck: Take the A20 towards Rostock and at exit 27- Gützkow follow the B111/110 towards Swinoujscie. Follow the DK 93 towards Karsibòr and take the ferry Karsibòr-Świnoujście. Coming from Berlin, follow the A11/E28 to the Goleniów junction. Here you follow the E65 to the harbour Świnoujście.

  • Check-In in Klaipeda

    In the port of Klaipeda you can use the TT-Line Self-Check-in or have a staff member in the office do the check-in. 

    Harbor directions:

    TT-Line Ferry Terminal Klaipeda

    Minijos g. 180
    LT-93269 Klaipeda

    From the north you can reach the port of Klaipėda via the highway A13, and then via the A1 (Baltijos pr.). At the roundabout you take the 3rd exit to Taikos pr. At next roundabout you take 1st exit to Statybininku pr.  At end of the street turn left to Minijos gatve. Follow Minijos gatve until it ends and turn right. At the right handside you find the TT-Line Terminal.

    Coming from the east, take the A1 (highway Klaipėda – Vilnius) along Baltijos pr. Street. At the roundabout you take the 3rd exit to Taikos pr. At next roundabout you take 1st exit to Statybininku pr.  At end of the street turn left to Minijos gatve. Follow Minijos gatve until it ends and turn right. At the right hand side, you find the TT-Line Terminal.

    From the south you can reach the port of Klaipėda via Nationalstreet 141. Turn left to Lanko gatve at the end of the street turn right to Rimkų g. and drive further on on Šilutės pl.. After 170m turn right to Jūrininkų pr. And follow the street after 3.2 km you find TT-Line Terminal at right hand side.

  • Do I need an ID or passport to check-in?

    A passport or valid National Identity Card including a picture (for EU citizens only) is always required when travelling. In general the Check-In can request the drivers to show the ID to Check-In. Especially when travelling to Klaipeda, Lithuania an identy check will take place.

  • Can trailers or other unaccompanied units be picked up and dropped off 24/7?

    Yes, trailers and other unaccompanied units can be dropped off and picked up around the clock. If our Check-In offices are closed the harbour gates will help you. Important is to have an active booking or the pick-up Tin to show at the gates.

  • How can I pick up unaccompanied units?

    In the ports of Rostock, Travemünde and Trelleborg the driver has to drive directly to the trailer gate with the pick-up TIN that you receive with the booking confirmation. You can also see the Tin in the Manage section of teh Online Booking and sent it directly to your driver from the online booking platform..

    In Świnoujście and Klaipeda the shipper has to advise the ID-Number and full name to the TT-Line office. 

  • Payment options at check-in

    In Travemünde, Rostock, Trelleborg, Swinoujscie and Klaipeda it is possible to pay for the booking in office with cash or by card.
    Payment with DKV and UTA is possible only in Travemünde and Rostock.

  • Is it allowed to smoke on board?

    There are designated smoking areas on board our ships. Please note that all cabins are non-smoking cabins.

  • Is it allowed to stay inside the truck during the crossing?

    No, it is not allowed to stay inside your vehicle. The car decks will be closed for safety reasons during the crossing. Your drivers have a cabin berth and washing rooms including a shower always included in their tickets.

  • Can I exchange money on board the ships?

    You can exchange Euros to Swedish Crowns onboard at the daily exchange rates. A fee of € 2,50/25 SEK will be raised.

  • What is TT-Line doing for the environment?

    Our 7 modern Sweden ferries connect Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Sweden across the Baltic sea in an environmentally friendly and affordable way. TT-Line devised the "Green Bridge Concept" and has already received several awards for its technology and environmental management. Our ferries are either operated with fuel that has a low sulphur content or they are equipped with on-board desulphurization systems. Furthermore we reduce our CO2 footprint with streamlined hull forms and consumption-optimized sailing speeds.


  • What if I need help on board?

    You can always go to our reception on board. They are happy to help you.

  • Can I get drinks and meals on board?

    Yes on some routes meals are included, but you can always buy meals or small snacks on board. At the reception you can also get a cofee to go.