Freight Contacts

Here you will find the contact details to answer all your questions. In addition to the addresses of our offices, you will find the contact details of our experts to find the shipping solution customized to your needs. The Freightbooking and customer service, the Freight Sales Team and our Pricing and Invoicing experts will be happy to help you.


Freightbooking & Customer Service

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Do you have regular transports between Scandinavia and continental Europe? We are happy to provide you with an individual offer based on your individual transport volume. If you would like to open a customer account, please fill in the following application form.

Freight Sales



 Tel.: +49 (0)4502 801211

Pricing and Invoicing

We are sending our invoices as pdf via E-Mail or direct interface to you. For questions regarding your invoices please contact us per Mail under or reach out to your personal Sales Manager directly.

  • Bank Details Continent

    Norddeutsche Landesbank


    IBAN: DE46 2505 0000 0152 0546 23

    VAT: DE118911415

  • Bank Details Scandinavia

    Svenska Handelsbanken


    IBAN: SE68 6000 0000 0000 5428 8568

    VAT: SE556063782801

    Bankgiro:  275‐5148  

  • Bank Details Poland

    Santander Bank Poland


    IBAN: PL 76 1090 2659 0000 0001 4690 8223

    VAT: DE118911415

Claim Settlement

Please contact our claims department with any questions regarding damages and claims settlement.

Shipping Department

 Tel.: +49 (0)4502 801974