Gothenburg: New direct shuttle to Trelleborg

Intermodal Network Scandinavia Sweden


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 5 Roundtrips per week

 Intermodal connections to the continent

  • Overnight Shuttle: Late Closing (21:00) and early Arrival (07:00)
  • Perfectly integrated with ferry departures from/ to Trelleborg

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Standard Timetable

  • Gothenburg - Trelleborg v.v.

    Gothenburg - Trelleborg v.v.
    Gothenburg Trelleborg   Trelleborg Gothenburg
    Closing Arrival   Departure Arrival
    Monday 18:30 Tuesday 07:00   Sunday 14:00 Monday 07:10
    Tuesday 18:30 Wednesday 07:00   Monday 20:30 Tuesday 07:10
    Wednesday 18:30 Thursday 07:00   Tuesday 20:30 Wednesday 07:10
    Thursday 18:30 Friday 07:00   Wednesday 20:30 Thursday 07:10
    Sunday 15:00 Monday 07:00   Thursday 20:30 Friday 07:10

    * subject to change

Conditions & Informations

  • Conditions

    An An overview of the valid conditions can be found here: 

    Intermodal Conditions


  • Booking procedure

    Please submit your booking online.

    Our team will process your booking, check availability with an appropriate train operator and arrange your booking. Please kindly notice that processing of the booking might take some time and booking confirmation term will take up to 3 hours. Please concider that according to the general terms and conditions of the train operator booking spot confirmation on the chosen departure can not be concidered as departure and can be changed due to the technical circumstancies.

    Please find the explanation of our intermodal online booking system here:

    Intermodal online booking

  • Checklist for trailer delivery

    For a smooth trailer delivery you will find a helpful checklist here.

    Checklist for trailer delivery

  • Terminal Conditions

    Please find the storage conditions for each terminal here:

    Terminal Conditions

Terminal Information

Göteborg Älvsborgshamnen
Nordatlanten 101
41834 Gothenburg
Coordinates: 57°41'45.6"N 11°49'47.7"E

Mo-Fri.: 06:00 - 20:00