Intermodal booking procedure

Please send your booking requests via mail to our intermodal booking team. You can copy the following template into in order to provide the booking team with all necessary booking information.
We will process your request, check availability with the appropriate operator and arrange your booking. Please kindly note that an intermodal booking takes some time. We will contact you as soon as we have feedback, depending on availability this may take up to 3 hours per booking.

  • Required information

    Intermodal account number:
    Route: Delivery by train / truck / ship
    Delivery date and time:
    Latest pick-up date and time:
    ILU code/plate number:
    Cargo type and weight:
    ADR: Yes / No
    Power: Yes / No


Intermodal booking team

Intermodal booking team
 Tel.: +46 (0) 410 56150

Opening hours:
Mo. - Fr.: 08:00-18:00
Sat.: 08:00-16:00