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Maiden call of Peter Pan in Travemünde
23th of JANUARY 2023 

Peter Pan Maiden call Travemünde

On the evening of 23 January 2023, after 53 days and over 12.000 nautical miles, Green Ship Peter Pan reached the port of Travemünde and successfully completed its journey from China to Germany.
In the next few days, the ship will be finally equipped and prepared for its first departure.

The commissioning of the Peter Pan as the 9th member of the fleet is not only an additional expansion of our capacity, but also another important milestone in improving the environmental balance of our fleet.

Our two modern and energy efficient Green Ropax vessels offer the most environmental friendly transport solution with the lowest CO2 footprints available on the market on the routes from Travemünde, Rostock and Świnoujście to Trelleborg.

Maiden call of Peter Pan in Rostock
22th of JANUARY 2023 

DE-Green Ship-Übergabe-745x419.jpg

On the evening of the 22 of January 2023, Green Ship Peter Pan docked in the port of Rostock for the first time. Here the cargo loaded in Zeebrugge is discharged before the ship makes its way to Travemünde. 

Peter Pan has reached Zeebrugge
19th of JANUARY 2023 

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On the 19th of January 2023, Peter Pan reached Zeebrugge. After stops in Singapore, Colombo and Jeddah the ship successfully mastered the Suez Canal passage. In the Mediterranean Sea the ship made stops in Lisbon and Algeciras and has now reached Zeebrugge. The cargo from Yantai will be discharged here and 750 new units will be loaded, which will be shipped to Rostock.

Peter Pan is loading cargo in Yantai
05th of DECEMBER 2022 

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On the 05th of December 2022, Peter Pan made its first stop in Yantai, China. Here, construction vehicles such as excavators, wheel loaders, bulldozers and other construction machinery, new cars and buses were loaded within three days, which the ship will transport to Zeebrugge. 
This means that the Green Ship is fully utilized, and compared to an empty voyage, the environmental balance of the voyage is significantly improved. In addition, the ship is already being put to its first test with the cargo weighing over 7100 tons. 

Peter Pan starts its journey
02nd of DECEMBER 2022 

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On the 2nd of December 2022, our second Green Ship Peter Pan left Nanjing shipyard and set sail towards the Baltic Sea. Now the ship is heading for the first stop in Yantai, where it will pick up cargo and transport it to Europe.

Delivery of Peter Pan
28th of NOVEMBER 2022 

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Our second Green Ship is now officially part of our fleet as well! Less than 9 months later than the delivery of Nils Holgersson, our second Green Ship Peter Pan became an official part of our fleet and was handed over to TT-Line on the 28th of November. 

In December Peter Pan will start its journey towards the Baltic Sea and beginning of 2023 the new Peter Pan will be put into service.

Green Ship Peter Pan has successfully completed Sea Trials

DE-Green Ship-Übergabe-745x419.jpg

During the Sea Trials in Oktober and beginning of November the seaworthiness of the Green Ship Peter Pan was tested. 

In this process, all functions are tested and numerous maneuvers are performed to check the safety, reliability and performance of a ship. This includes a speed, acceleration and maneuvering test. Additionally, the bow thrusters, the fin stabilizers or the anchoring were tested. 
All in all, the second Green Ship performed well.

First regular departure of Nils Holgersson in Travemünde
26th of APRIL 2022 

DE-Green Ship-Übergabe-745x419.jpg

On the 11th of March, our Green Ship Nils Holgersson set off for Travemünde. On the evening of the 20th of April 2022, the ship docked for the first time at the Skandinaviankai in Travemünde. In the following 6 days, Nils Holgersson received its final touches.

Yesterday evening the time had come: Nils Holgersson officially began its service as a Sweden ferry with the first official departure from Travemünde to Trelleborg.  

Following an introductory period, the new regular timetable will then be available to our customers from next week, with increased capacity on all routes and additional departures on our connections to and from Świnoujście and Klaipėda.

Maiden call of Nils Holgersson in Travemünde
20th of APRIL 2022 

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After 36 days and around 11600 nautical miles, the Green Ship Nilsholgersson docked at the Skandinavienkai in Travemünde for the first time on Wednesday evening, 20th of April 2022. Here, the ship will now be finally equipped and prepared for the start of regular ferry service on the Baltic Sea.

The voyage to Travemünde - Successful Suez Canal Passage
APRIL 2022 

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Nils Holgersson is on his way to Travemünde. After first stops in Singapore and Colombo, the ship has now also passed the Suez Canal. Hence, the arrival in Germany is approaching with big steps. With the introduction of the new Green Ship Nils Holgersson in our services, TT-Line will be able to offer you more capacity on all our services and to increase the sailing frequency on the Świnoujście and Klaipėda services.

Delivery of the first Green Ship
MARCH 2022 

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On 07 March 2022 in the early hours of the morning the time had come - the first Green Ship was handed over to TT-Line with a festive ceremony. With this handover, the Green Ship Nils Holgersson now officially belongs to the TT-Line family. Within the next few days, the ship and its crew will begin their journey towards the Baltic Sea, covering some 11,600 nautical miles to Travemünde.

Sea Trial

The sea trial of our first Green Ship has started! During the test phase the seaworthiness of the ship is being assessed. The sea trial will last about two weeks and is one of two test phases that are taking place.

Launch of the second Green Ship
JULY 2021 

The launch of the second Green Ship marks another important milestone in TT-Line's LNG newbuilding project.
During the launching, which is today rather the floating of the ship, the dry dock is flooded until the ship floats up. Afterwards it is guided out of the dock by tugs and moved to the outfitting quay. There, the interior outfitting of the modern ship now takes place.

Launch of our Green Ship

The Green Ship has successfully passed another milestone with its launching. During the launching, which today is more of a float-up, the dry dock in which the ship was built is flooded until the ship floats up. It is then guided out of the dock by tugs and moved to the fitting-out quay. From now on, the finishing of the interior and exterior areas begins.

Completion of the steel work

The steel work on our new building is nearing completion. So far, 12,434 tons of steel have been cut, welded and assembled into 386 blocks. These blocks are assembled into 8 main sections of the ship. The ship's 4 main engines have also been lifted on board - each weighing around 120 tons!

Port Simulator
AUGUST 2020 

At the Marine Training Center (MTC) in Hamburg, our captains tested the reaction of our new Green Ship to various maneuvers in a port simulator to check whether the maneuvering specifications we set can be met. In the process, they simulated entering our ports. The data for the simulator came from trials with a miniature model of our new ferry in a test basin. As on a real bridge, our captains thus also get an initial feel for the handling characteristics of our future ship, such as when docking with different wind forces and currents.

Keel laying
JULY 2020  

A major milestone for our GreenShip, the first LNG-powered ferry in the southern Baltic Sea. On 03.07.2020 the traditional keel laying and coinage ceremony of our newbuilding took place, marking the beginning of the hull assembly. In a festive ceremony, a series of coins is traditionally placed on the keel of the ship. 

Steel cutting

The steel cutting marks the official start of the construction phase of the LNG ferry, in which the ship is assembled from individual sections. While the planning of the interior design continues, the shell of the ship is completed. After the launch, the interior outfitting of the modern Ro-Pax ship will follow.

Contract signing
JULI 2018

TT-Line has placed an order for the construction of a new so-called Green Ship ferry, which will be delivered in the course of 2022 and deployed in the TT-Line service on the Baltic Sea. The latest generation of TT-Line Green Ships is characterized by high efficiency and flexibility. Compared with the current generation of ferries, the new TT-Line Green Ship significantly reduces emissions of pollutants. The order was placed with the Chinese shipyard Jiangsu Jinling. TT-Line has optioned a second ship.