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test lyn promo title

test lyn promo subtext

test lyn promo title Jetzt buchen

Title Offer table block

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Row header test lyn
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Title test lyn acordeon

  • Test accordion item title

    Test 2 Accordion item title 2

    Accordion item title4

    1. Body text = main content
      1. Keep body text short, short sentences = min. 1000 words per page à Only for SEO relevant pages)
      2. Keyword: density 1-2 time of 100 should be mentioned the exact keyword (SEO relevant pages)
    • key message in the beginning – or the end- of the paragraph
    1. Use bullet points and numbered lists
    2. And of course, be mindful of font size, colours etc.
    1. Call to Action à “Book”-button, “Read more”-button….
      1. Use buttons to guide visitors further along the customer journey à if sales focus, we should guide them to our booking dialogue
      2. Place buttons on more than one place on the page, not just in the end

    (Don’t rely on that they will get to the end of the whole page)

    • Colours:
      1. Gold gradient --> Book Buttons
      2. Blue gradient à Login Buttons
      3. Blue Gradient à Read More / Show More
    1. Visuals (Images, Videos…), they increase time of the page and they should inspire à animation to book
    2. Internal linking
      1. should lead to deeper content or e.g. booking dialog
        1. not SEO relevant pages should link to SEO relevant pages

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