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Waste management and other activities

The operation of a ship has many facets related to environmental protection. Environmentally harmful substances are unavoidably needed for the proper function of machinery, for cleaning and lubrication. Onboard processes create waste substances and above all, an environmentally compatible operation depends on the human factor.

On TT-Line's ships, solid garbage including hazardous waste is collected on board and exclusively disposed to reception facilities in the port. No garbage should be thrown over board and passengers are advised to observe. TT-Line has long-standing relationships with competent companies taking care of the garbage ashore. Since 1995, separation of garbage was introduced on new ships allowing for better recycling.

For hazardous and special waste like batteries, fluorescent tubes, oily rags etc. TT-Line since many years is using a unique containerized disposal system from a specialised company ashore taking care of such material. Sludge oil from engine operation is also collected on board and regularly pumped to a tank truck in port for professional treatment.

In order to prevent fouling of the underwater part of the ship's hull, special paint is necessary. Fouling means that small marine organisms like algae and sea shells settle at the ship's hull. Such undesired 'guests' slow down the ship significantly leading to increased fuel consumption and emissions. In accordance with international rules, TT-Line's ships are painted with tin-free antifouling paint.

Nils Holgersson in docking

In daily operation, a couple of different chemicals are needed on board, for instance for cleaning purposes. TT-Line has opted since many years for using biodegradable chemicals wherever possible and reduced the number of different products to the necessary minimum.

But without environmental awareness of the crew, all technical and operational measures to protect the environment would be ineffective. It is a tradition within TT-Line that employees in their daily work are continuously aware of environmental protection. We are always striving for further improvement in this field and are proud of what we have achieved.

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