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New environmental regulations for the Baltic Sea

In 2008, International Maritime Organisation determined that in the so-called SECAs areas (Sulfur Emission Control Areas), effective on Jan 1st 2015, the maximum permissible sulphur content of marine fuels will be limited from the current value of 1.0% to only 0.1%. This regulation applies primarily to shipping activities in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. To meet these requirements and actively support the environmental protection, starting from Jan 1st 2015, TT-Line will use ecological marine fuel MGO 0,1% in five of its six vessels.

TT-Line has been repeatedly awarded for its commitment to technologies management and environmental protection, and it consistently pursues its mission and responsibility in the aspect of the protection of the environment. Environmental protection is a multifaceted task for a shipping company, one whose scope encompasses activities ranging from new technologies to more efficient waste segregation. Among TT-Line's objectives are the reduction of emissions and a more efficient use of natural resources.

In the framework of a EU-supported pilot project, in the summer of 2014 TT-Line has installed on MS Nils Dacke an exhaust gas cleaning system (Hybrid Scrubber) by Wärtsilä. The installation works was carried out mid-July during the 18-day stay in the shipyard in Landskrona, Sweden. Until the end of the year 2014, the installation will undergo tests during the day-to-day service so as to be ready for reliable use and to meet TT-Line's environmental protection requirements by Jan 1st 2015.

Naturally, in the future TT-Line will be making use of all reasonable operational and technological opportunities to provide fuel savings and protect environment.

Environmental protection combined with the need to ensure the profitability of the enterprise necessitates the introduction, as of Jan 1st 2015, of an environmental protection surcharge for all travelers. With each cruise on a ferry fueled by ecological marine fuel or on MS Nils Dacke ferry equipped with a Hybrid Scrubber device, you will support the protection of the environment in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

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