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Motorways of the sea - “Green Bridge on Nordic Corridor”

The Motorways of the sea connecting Sweden (Trelleborg) and Germany (Travemünde and Rostock) are strengthened by environmental upgrades of the maritime service and port infrastructure.
The investments contribute to achieve several European policy objectives and are supported by TEN-T funding. This initiative is the result of successful cooperation with the relevant ports and terminal operators as well as TT-Line as maritime service provider.
The project (Part 1) started in early 2011, was coordinated by TT-Line and includes following measures:

  • Introduction of emission reducing technology, namely pilot installation and testing of a wet hybrid scrubber on one of TT-Line's Green Ships (Nils Dacke) by the end of 2014.
  • Installation of shore-side electricity in the Port of Trelleborg.
  • Significant investments in the port of Trelleborg in order to prepare the corridor for operating the next generation of Baltic RoPax ships. A new ferry berth no. 10 was constructed and main- and upper deck ramps installed. Dredging the port basin and creating new breakwaters was already completed in 2013. Furthermore, the Port of Trelleborg installed waste water reception facilities at berth no. 10.
  • Intermodal terminal upgrading in Trelleborg (marshalling yard and area close to new berth no. 10).
  • Extension of the intermodal terminal in Rostock by doubling its annual handling capacity to 140.000 intermodal units. The planning activities, ground works, installation of rail tracks and of two gantry cranes were completed in 2014.
  • Project management and reporting activities.


The extension of the port and intermodal terminal capacities in Rostock and Trelleborg contributes to a better integration of the maritime service within multimodal transport chains. The upgrade supports the elimination of future transport bottlenecks, the development of combined rail-sea transport solutions and the reduction of road congestion along the corridor.

The pilot installation of emission reduction technology prepares one of TT-Line's Green Ships for compliance with new SECA Regulations in 2015 and is of benefit for future similar installations on other RoPax vessels through sharing experiences gained during construction, testing and operation. Within Part 2 of the "Green Bridge" project, benchmark installations on the sister ship as well as pilot installations on the diesel electric pod driven vessels Nils Holgersson and Peter Pan are scheduled.
The installation of the emission reduction technology as well as of shore side electricity reduces air pollution and is a significant step towards establishing green Baltic ports.

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