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Internet on board

WiFi for everyone: From now on our customers get 100 MB free WiFi per booking. 
The good thing is: If you didn’t use all your data volume on your outbound trip, you can use the rest on your return trip. And if you need more than 100 MB, surcharged additional data volume can be booked.
You don’t have a mobile phone/tablet with internet access, but quickly need some information on your trip to Sweden? No problem! We are offering free internet access on our iPads in the reception area of our flag ships Nils Holgersson and Peter Pan.

Have fun surfing!
Your TT-Line team

WiFi Login

 These 6 easy steps get you access to the free WiFi:

 ✔️ 1. Enable WiFi access on your device.

 ✔️ 2. Select the network "TT-Line WLAN public".

 ✔️ 3. This will open the login page. Here you have to enter
 name (4 signs at least).

 ✔️ 4. Now you can enter your password:
         • truck drivers: license plate number
         • passengers: booking number (8-digit)

 ✔️ 5. Optional: If you booked additional data volume, you can
          now enter your voucher code.

 ✔️ 6. Confirm the terms and conditions and start surfing!


1. When do the 100 MB start to count?

The data usage already starts as soon as you are logged in.

2. How is the quality of the internet connection at sea?

Unlike the internet speed at your home, the connection at sea is not that fast. It is working via a satellite link. There are many factors, e.g. the movement of the ship, weather conditions and number of users on board, that are influencing the internet connection at sea. We kindly ask for your understanding.

3. How can I keep the data transfer low?

Tipps to keep the data transfer low:
• Please deactivate automatic updates on your operating system as well as app updates (android play store, apple play store)
• Please deactivate automatic synchronizations with network services or email servers (IMAP). This may cause that large amounts of data are requested.
• Please change settings in your email client, which make sure that emails are not automatically downloaded. 

4. Where can I get internet connection on board?

Peter Pan & Nils Holgersson: Panorama Bar, reception area, arcade area.
Robin Hood & Nils Dacke: reception area, cafeteria (deck 7).
Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn: cafeteria (deck 6), reception area (deck 5).
Marco Polo: bord restaurant, lounge (deck 7), just close to the coast.

Conference guests have WiFi access in the conference rooms. Internet is available in the vip lounge and in all front cabins via network cable. Additionally we have placed two iPads on Peter Pan and Nils Holgersson in the reception area for free internet usage.

5. I didn’t use my entire data volume. Has the rest expired?

If you didn’t use all your data on your outbound trip, you can use the rest on your return trip. With the end of your journey, all volume you didn’t use will expire.

6. What can I do if I want to continue surfing, but my data volume is already used?

You can book surcharged additional data volume at the reception, the SEA & SAVE Bordshop or the cafeteria on board, or book extra data volume already with your online booking. Additional internet surfing is valid for one year or until the purchased MB are used.

7. I do not own a smartphone/tablet, but still need internet access. Is there any possibility on board?

For customers who do not have a mobile phone/tablet with internet access, we are offering free internet access on our iPads in the reception area.

Current offers

Already planning your trip to Sweden and still searching for a way to go there? Look at our current offers and find a suitable departure here:

Recliner in relaxation room

  • quiet and relaxing atmosphere (8 chairs only)
  • available on Nils Holgersson & Peter Pan (similar seats also available on other TT-Line ferries)
  • on day departures 11 EUR/110 SEK
  • on night departures 19 EUR/190 SEK 
  • bookable for adults only/
    no pets allowed
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