Oversized and heavy shipping | TT-Line Cargo
Großraum- und Schwertransport

Heavy transport

We can do it!

For more than 55 years TT-Line has been a reliable and competent partner for the transport of oversized or unusual loads across the Baltic Sea. These units must be booked in advance and released for transport.

So far we have transported wind turbine parts, entire bridges, transistors, heavy machinery such as agricultural and forestry machinery, as well as cranes and helicopters.


Oversized Transports

Please make sure to register your transports with us as soon as they exceed the following dimensions:

  • higher than 4m
  • wider than 2,55m
  • longer than 26m
  • heavier than 60t total weight, respectively heavier than 12t/ axle

For the smooth handling of your transport, please fill out the request form for heavy transports and then send it to the Freight Sales Team.


With our ships you have the possibility to carry out transports up to the following dimensions and weights:

  • A height of up to 4.5 m
  • A width of up to 6 m
  • A length of up to 50 m
  • A maximum axle load of 15 t/axle

Should your transport unit correspond to these dimensions, we will be pleased to make you an individual offer designed for your special and heavy transports! Please fill out the request form for heavy transports and send it to the Freight Sales Team.



We will check to make sure that the load is suitable for shipment with TT-Line on the route and time you want and we will be back to you shortly. If you need any assistance with the form or if you have any questions about the load then please feel free to give us a call first.