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The direct way for your freight

Reliability, quality, precision and environmental awareness 


These are the principles on which the private shipping group TT-Line offers a fast, green, reasonably priced link across the Baltic Sea between Germany, Poland, Lithuania  and Sweden with 7 modern RoPax ferries.


TT-Line links the largest German Baltic ports, Travemünde and Rostock, and the Polish port of Świnoujście with the southern Swedish transport hub of Trelleborg, the most important ferry port in Sweden. Starting Spring 2018 TT-Line will also connect the lithuanian Port of Klaipeda with Trelleborg to offer additional capacity for dynamic growings trades between Scandinavia, the Baltics, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. In 2019 TT-Line started it´s first Inner-Swedish train connection between Trelleborg and Hallsberg.

With up to 18 departures per day TT-Line carries nearly 900.000 guests a year, 180.000 cars and more than 420.000 freight units and is thus the market leader in direct transport between Germany/Poland and Sweden and the only ferry operator offering all main routes between Continental Europe and Sweden.

Combining lanemeter and cabins TT-Line offers an efficient and flexible product for accompanied transports as you can combine resting times with our departures.

By serving only major ports in the southern Baltic sea TT-Line also offers access to the most important intermodal hubs in Europe. In cooperation with our partners numerous rail connections with excellent lead times are available for our customers.

Thanks to reliable transport capacity of over 30 kilometers of 'deck length'​, transparent and simple operational procedures and efficient intermodal connections, freight transport via TT-Line is now an integral part of a variety of logistics solutions.


TT-Line's technology and environmental management has received several awards.

TT-Line has developed the 'Green Bridge Concept'​ and is achieving a further reduction of emissions of harmful substances with the installation of diesel electric propulsion systems. With flow-optimised hull forms and speed management to optimise fuel consumption, it has been possible to further optimise the CO2 footprint.

Our strategic goal is to offer our customers the most efficient and competitive transport solution and to further develop our market and quality leadership for direct ferry services in the southern Baltic Sea.

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